What happens when things go wrong?


We all insure our houses and cars without blinking an eye., but many people don't plan for what might happen if they are sick, hurt, or worse.


Our qualified advisers can provide personal risk management advice,  tailored to you and your family's needs.


Ask yourself these questions:


  • Could you still pay your mortgage if you are sick or hurt?  

  • Will you have to sell your house if you lose your partner through death or disability?

  • What happens If you suffer a major medical trauma? 

  • Are your children covered against a major medical trauma?


This is not about coughs and colds.  If you are seriously affected by illness or injury, you and your family need to be protected.


Our advisers will help you make a plan, that fits your budget, that will get you through when disaster strikes.


We are Brokers and so are not aligned to any particular insurers (unlike the banks).  We have access to a wide range of well known major insurance companies and will recommend the right options for you.