Feedback & Complaints

Our complaints process

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and continuously evolving to meet your changing needs. However if you feel we have fallen short, we would like to know. 

If you have a problem understanding something we’ve done, or if you want to make a complaint please contact us as soon as possible so we can address the problem.

We’re here to take care of you, your business and what matters most to you, so if you think we’ve failed in any way, you can trust that we are committed to resolving the issue.

Step 1 – Let’s sort it out
Discuss your complaint with the person you’ve been dealing with and try to resolve it. Alternatively you can call our office you will be referred to an appropriate member of our team, 

Step 2 – Internal Review
If your complaint is not resolved by Step 1, you can call, email or arrange to see our internal disputes manager who will look into your complaint and provide you with a written response.

  • For mortgage & insurance related complaints - contact

Stage 3 – Referral to external resolution

We hope that your complaint has been resolved before this stage. If not, you can ask for independent help from the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme Inc.

How to Contact the Insurance Ombudsman

Write to: PO Box 10845, Wellington 6143