About us

Tauranga Mortgage Brokers is a locally owned and operated business. We know that organising finance can be a daunting task. We are here to take the stress out of the mortgage application process so that you can focus on what you do best.   When you appoint us as your Broker, the team at TMB will handle all aspects of your application, including  liaising with the bank, your solicitor, accountant or real estate agent/building company to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 


As well as sorting the finance, TMB can also help you achieve peace of mind by protecting yourself and your assets against unexpected loss.  


As mortgage brokers, we do not usually charge clients for our services.  We work for you and when we are successful in arranging your loan, the bank pays us brokerage.  This means that in most cases. you not only get free advice but also the security of knowing that we are working as hard as we can to get your application approved - with terms that are best suitable for you and your situation.


Whatever stage you are at in the process, get in touch with us for friendly, helpful advice. We can come to you, meet at our office, arrange an online meeting or catch up over a coffee. 


Tracey Robinson - Mortgage & Finance Specialist


Tracey has over 43 years experience in mortgage finance and risk management..  His aim is to provide meaningful, unbiased Financial advice and solutions to help people achieve their objectives.  

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Contact Tracey


Phone:      07 552 6069

Mobile:     027 577 0314

Email:        tracey@tmbl.co.nz

Alan Bainbridge - Mortgage & Finance Specialist


Alan has been involved in the Banking and Financial Services industry for over 27 years. He holds a Bachelor of Business Studies with a double major in Accounting and Valuation. He has extensive experience with lending facilities for both residential and business clients. He enjoys helping his clients achieve their financial goals.

Contact Alan


Phone:      07 552 6069

Mobile:     021 103 8870

Email:        alan@tmbl.co.nz

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Emma Body Flipped_edited.png
Emma Robinson - Insurance Manager


Emma began in the Financial Services industry 22 years ago and has had various roles working with insurance and mortgage finance.  She has a strong customer service focus and is happy to help you with any inquiry you may have about your mortgage or insurance needs. Emma is eager to hear any feedback from you about your experience working with our Tauranga Mortgage Brokers team. 

Contact Emma


Phone:      07 552 6069

Mobile:     022 066 3662

Email:        emma@tmbl.co.nz

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Rae Earnshaw - Finance Manager

Rae is experienced in finance and account administration. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Massey University.  She  has been involved in the Financial Services industry for 25+ years and enjoys supporting clients and the TMB team in her role.

Contact Rae


Phone:      07 552 6069


Kristy Robinson - Office Manager


Kristy brings many years of coordination and administration experience to her role as Office Manager.  She has a warm, friendly manner and wide range of skills and experience, and is always happy to help.

Contact Kristy


Phone:      07 552 6069

Email:       kristy@tmbl.co.nz